Monday, May 6, 2019

The week of April 29

Upcoming Events

W.E.S.  Green Up Day 
May 10 , 2019 from 11:00-11:30

Fine Print Writing Celebration
 May 9th @ 6 pm at GMTCC

P.A.W.S. Celebration!
On Wednesday we filled our PAWS jar! We celebrated by spending time outdoors and playing our favorite tag games! 

Readers' Workshop
This week the first and second graders revisited the habits of a good reader! We reviewed our workshop rules and expectations as well as strategies and skills students use when reading. We all book shopped and made some great choices! I was so EXCITED to see  students gathering together to check out our chapter books and books in a series...and forming their own new book clubs!! We continue to learn about how our book clubs should look and sound and how to come prepared to talk about our books! I was busy conferring with students about their new book choices and gathering information about students' strengths and needs. 

Writers' Workshop
 Students are writing letters to share their strong feelings. This week, we worked on brainstorming reasons to support our opinion, but also elaborating on those reasons. We continued our work on parts of speech. This week we worked on describing words. Together we read If You Were An Adjective on the Smart-board and practiced describing different interesting items! Then students were given a mystery bag and worked with a partner to come up with describing words to tell about their item. Together as a class we used the describing words to guess the items hiding in the bags!

In science, we continue to explore how wind and water can change the earth. This week we focused on sand and its properties. Students looked at sand up close and tried to figure out how different colored sand is created! 

Purple sand on Pfieffer Beach! How did this happen? We researched how sand was made, and figured out that near by this beach there are purple rocks. When rocks fall and crash they are broken into smaller parts... making sand. Water carries the sand to the beach!! 

Monday, April 29, 2019

The Week of April 22

Upcoming Events 

Early Release Day/Teacher In-Service
Students dismissed @ 11:30
May 2, 2019

Morning Recess
The first and second graders have enjoyed spending time outdoors each morning. I have noticed an improvement in focus and energy levels throughout our day. Students are welcome to play outdoors from 7:30-7:50 each morning! 

Fine Print 
Here is a picture from our Friday Community Meeting. These  students will have their writing  published in this year's Fine Print publication. Congratulations to all!

Morning Meeting
Here is a snapshot of the kiddos sharing during our morning meeting. They are so descriptive and detailed in their shares. Students are getting so much better at connecting with the thinking of their classmates and asking interesting questions! 

The first graders are working on developing strategies for adding numbers up to 20! We are learning to make and break numbers into the parts and put them back together as a whole. We are reviewing fact families. Students are making connections between addition and subtraction while learning to write number stories which match different equations. We have been reading lots of number stories together, and have been brainstorming lists of words that go with addition and subtraction problems. 

Readers' Workshop
This week in reading we worked in our book clubs! Students chose their favorite books in a series to read. We reviewed the expectations of working in a "book club" and really enjoyed the conversations that took place! As we zoom in on the  characters in our series books, students are becoming experts.  Students are making connections and learning to make predictions based on their prior knowledge. We are asking questions about the text, and noticing how different characters respond to problems differently! It is wonderful to see these kiddos excited to read and share their books with others! 

Writers' Workshop
In writing, we are learning to express our strong feelings and opinions.We have been building our understanding of letters and opinion pieces by reading lots of great mentor texts, examining and annotating student writing samples and brainstorming ideas we feel strongly about.  Students are writing letters to share their thoughts and ideas with others! Be on the look out for some pretty convincing letters!!!

How does wind and water shape the land? Students began investigating this question on Friday. We  were introduced to a phenomenon in which water slowly washed away sand and created a new river. How did this happen... how can we explain this... have you ever seen something like this before? These were the questions that guided our work. Students shared their initial ideas and thoughts by jotting and drawing ideas they have about the phenomenon. It was fascinating to learn about each child's prior knowledge and their understandings about how wind and water can change the earth.  Later, we investigated where water comes from and how rivers, lakes, and ponds are created. We built a model of a mountain and created a rain storm observing where the rain water traveled. 

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Week of April 1

Upcoming Events 
Spring Concert -Campfire Songs
April 10th @ 6:00

Students should arrive at school by 5:45 and come down to the classroom to hang up their coats. We will walk to the gym together at 6:00. Students are expected to stay seated with our class until the end of the concert. 

Spring Vacation 
April 15-19

Earth Day 

April 22

**Special Award**
The first and second grade class was awarded a special certificate on Friday! Mr. Lee presented our class with an award highlighting our extra effort in teamwork during Art class! We worked to clean up and take care of our materials quickly and safely.

3 Scoop Retell Party 
Readers' Workshop 
In readers' workshop we worked on perfecting our retelling and summarizing skills. We logged onto Seesaw to practice our retells and summaries by recording ourselves! I listened to students' recordings and then provided them feedback on ways they could improve their retells or summaries. We created detailed bookmarks of our favorite parts of the book. At our party on Friday, students were so excited and did an amazing job talking with their partners! Thank you to all of the families who donated items! 

Writers' Workshop
Students finished up their final draft google docs on Monday. Together as a class, we worked to create a Google Slide show displaying our learning targets and each child's final draft page. We also worked on our end of unit writing assessment, and had some free choice writing time! The first and second graders are such creative writers. I LOVE free choice writing time because I see students use many of the strategies, and skills we have learned during our units of study! 

This week we focused on digital citizenship and staying safe while using the internet. We also worked on navigating to our classroom blog, logging into our email accounts, filling out a google survey and continued building on our typing skills  on 

In math we finished up our unit on place value and the number-line. Students were measuring and comparing heights of different kinds of penguins, which they loved! We began work on new math stations which focused on geometry and fractions which aligns with our number corner work for the month of April. We are studying 2D shapes and their attributes. On Monday, we will begin Unit 6 which focuses on story problems and strategies for addition and subtraction within 20.

Big Buddies

On Thursday, we met with our big buddies from the 4-5 classroom and reviewed our PAWS rules. We focused on the rule Always Respect Yourself, Others and the Environment.  We brainstormed 30 ways to be kind to others. Each student created their own marshmallow peep and wrote a way they would be respectful!