Monday, September 16, 2019

The Week of Sept. 9th

Upcoming Events 

Open House
Sept. 19


After school Program Begins
Sept. 23

"Grandfriends Day"

Please join us for "Grandfriends" day a.k.a. as Grandparent's Day. If you don’t have a grandparent who can attend, parents and family members are always welcome! Our school will perform a special song for our audience, and then we sit down for a delicious feast! Families are welcome to stay for recess until 12:00.

Sept. 27 

Classroom Share Days Begin Sept. 16

Please look in your child's home-folder and plan ahead for your child's share. Share day items will be kept in your child's backpack or on our special share shelf in the classroom. Thank you for helping your child at home!

Morning Meeting Activity
Silly Soccer
Such a fun way to start our day together! 

Calm Down Time
After lunch each day, we have a 10 minute time where kids can color, draw, read or rest! It gives me a time to check in with students and it gives students a time to calm and regulate after lunch and recess.

Lock Down Drill Practice
On Wednesday and Thursday, we practiced a lock-down drill in our classroom. We began by reading the book I'm not Scared... I'm prepared! by Julia Cook. It was a gentle and light way to talk about a topic that often scares students. We learned to play Sheep, Shepherd and Wolf, a game which teaches  kids to listen and follow directions during important times. We will have a school wide drill in the coming month. Please don't hesitate to call me here at school if you have any questions or concerns.

Readers' Workshop
Students are learning to book shop and get to know how our library is organized. We practiced book shopping, and learned how to pick books we are interested in, can understand and decode most words in. We also learned about hard, just right and easy books. Kids used 10, 5 and 2 pound weights in class to help learn about leveled books.  We also began partner reading! What a fun week! 

In math, the first graders are working on becoming independent at our  math stations, and are learning to use our math tools to solve problems. This week students had problems to solve at each station, such as creating a pet house out of polydrons or measuring the length of our green rug with unifix cubes! We are learning to rotate around to stations and clean up. This week I began a small group station. Students practiced counting and ordering numbers on our large number path! We reviewed forward and backward counting from 0-20.

Friday Trip to the River
On Friday we walked down to the river to gather some river rocks for an upcoming project! We spent the afternoon exploring, building and searching for the perfect rock!

Science/Global Citizenship 
This week, we learned about our five senses and learned the words "mindful" and "unmindful". Students did a classroom sort to help them identify actions and thoughts that are mindful or unmindful. We introduced our mindfulness station and practiced using it to help us throughout our day. In class, we are learning the phrase "regulate, replace, repair, return to routine". I use this process with kids as they are learning to become mindful about their actions.

Sunday, September 8, 2019



We have made it through our first few weeks of school! We have spent a lot of time learning about the flexible seating options available in our room. My goal is that students are comfortable doing their important work. We have bean bags, balls, sit disks, chairs and standing options in our room. I would also like students to have the option to work in their own “quiet space” around the room.  Please send a small pillow to school with your child on Tuesday. The pillow should be comfortable but small enough to fit into their cubby. Thank you! Enjoy the week ahead!

The Week of Sept. 2

Upcoming Events
Open House
Sept. 19


After school Program Begins
Stephanie Castongauy, the after school coordinator will be sending home an informational packet soon!  

Sept. 23

"Grandfriends Day"

Please join us for "Grandfriends" day a.k.a. as Grandparent's Day. If you don’t have a grandparent who can attend, parents and family members are always welcome! Our school will perform a special song for our audience, and then we sit down for a delicious feast! Families are welcome to stay for recess until 12:00.

Sept. 27 

P ut your best foot forward
A lways respect yourself, others and the environment
W ork together to solve problems
S afety at all times

School Wide PAWS Celebration

On Thursday our school celebrated! We have all been working hard to learn our school wide rules and expectations. Students earn a "PAW" when we see them following the expectations we have taught and practiced...or even for those going above and beyond! Our class PAWS jar was filled 2 times, and our class uncovered 2 pieces of our school wide puzzle located out in the hall. Here are some pictures from our celebration!

Hopes and Dreams

On the first day of school, we read The Curious Garden by Peter Brown. The children loved the book and we used the story to help us form our Hopes and Dreams. We thought about how we wanted to grow just the the curious garden! Each child created a part of our garden and wrote what they hope and dream about doing this year.

Habits, Routines and Expectations
The first few weeks of school have been filled with getting to know each other, our classroom and the routines and expectations we have.  Here are a few snapshots from our first few weeks together! 

Go Noodle
Movement breaks throughout the day! 

First graders learning to use the math tools at stations around the room! The kiddos love the Interactive Board! This week we learned about selecting tools...they loved the magic pen! 

Readers' Workshop
We have created unique and colorful labels to go with our books bags and have also picked special spots around the room to read! The first and second graders are learning the mini-lesson routine and how to transition from rug time to independent reading. We have also opened our classroom library and have begun to select books and notice how our books are organized.

Science/Global Studies
We have begun our first unit of study that aligns well with our PAWS rules. We will be learning about our brain, mindfulness, and ways to regulate our emotions.  Here is the hand model of the brain which we are using in class to model when we are not regulated what actually happens to our brain. We call this "flipping our lid".

Students are learning nicknames for each part of the brain! 

Prefrontal Cortex: Wise Leader
Amygdala: Security Guard
Hippocampus: Memory Keeper

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Week of May 20

Upcoming Events


Summer Reading Book Fair
June 14, 2019
This year, we will be putting on a small summer reading book fair in our gym for students! We are hoping to send each child home with at least 6 books they are excited about reading. We need your help!
We will be taking book donations beginning June 3rd.

We will take any books in good condition! Please place books in the bins in the front lobby. Thank you all for your help! Also, please check out this article link below, it has some great suggestions.

Summer Reading Challenge
I will continue with my summer reading challenge and pen-pal writing. Please let me know if your child would be interested in writing back and forth with me this summer!

Hazen's Notch Field Trip
We had a great time visiting Hazen's Notch on Thursday! We enjoyed hiking on the trails, observing the beaver lodge and the various dams on the property! Students also enjoyed finding salamanders, and native plants such as trillium and wild onions!

Readers' Workshop

In reading, we have spent time reviewing routines and habits. We continue to read books in a series and meet in our book clubs. Students are becoming much more familiar and comfortable meeting with their clubs. Next week, we will work on a final project on our favorite characters! 

Writers' Workshop 

Students are finishing up their letters! We worked on writing conclusions and restating our opinions. Next week we will begin to revise and edit our favorite letters! 

Happy Forest Celebration
The first and second graders have been working to follow our classroom routines and helpful habits. On Thursday we celebrated achieving our goals and making it back to the Happy Forest with Wise Bear! Students voted to have free choice technology time in the afternoon.

The first graders have worked hard on solving number stories with addition and subtraction. We learned to notice and wonder, brainstorm questions, and information needed to solve some tricky number stories.  We will begin Unit 7 which will take us to the end of the year. We will also begin our end of year assessments in the coming weeks.