Thursday, November 12, 2020

Remote Work: Friday, Nov. 13



Dear First and Second Graders,

Today we will meet for All School Community Meeting! The Google Meet invitation is in your student email. I hope to see you all there! We will do student of the week and celebrate any November birthdays! Of course, Ms. Epstein will share her joke! See you all then :) 

Please read through the blog for today and check out the work to do from home.


Mrs. Marcelino 

Readers' Workshop

Learning Target

 I can do something at the end of each book. 

Find your favorite stuffy and read with it at home today!

2) Make your plan for reading today. 

3) Log into EPIC- Today is FREE CHOICE FRIDAY! Explore EPIC and read or listen to books.

3) At the end of each book, reread your favorite part or retell the story in your own words. 

-Read for 20-30 minutes 


1)  Log into Dreambox and play for 20-30 minutes.

Would you Rather... Math Problem/ Optional 

Check out the link below to a fun math problem. It will remind you of the measurement work we are doing in class. Have fun, I would love to see your answers :) 

Would you rather... google doc

Jack Hartmann Counting by 10s forward and back

Optional/ Write down your skip counting sequence!  10, 20, 30 etc. 

Art Class with Ms. Jenni

Ms. Jenni would like to meet with you for Art Class today at 12:55. Please check your email for the link to her meeting. Have fun! 

Remote Work: Thursday, Nov. 12


Morning Message 

Dear First and Second Graders,

I hope you are all doing well. I miss you! Today and tomorrow we will work from home to help keep our community safe and healthy. While we are home, a special cleaning crew will go through the school and clean it. 

Please read through the blog for today and check out the work to do from home.


Mrs. Marcelino 

Readers' Workshop

Learning Target
 I can reread my books to smooth out any bumpy parts. Rereading a book helps you become a better reader! 

1) Build a comfy reading fort! Make your plan for reading today. 

2) Log into EPIC 

-How many books do you think you can read?

-What book will you read first? What books will you read last? 

-Read for 20-30 minutes 


1) Log into Dreambox and play for 20-30 minutes.

2) Watch Jack Hartmann and practice these songs.

Click on the links below to watch and sing along! 

Hip Hop Around the Clock 

Optional/ Find digital and analog clocks in your house. 

Practice writing the times 1 o'clock, 5 o'clock, 9 o'clock in digital form

Count by 5s 

Optional/ Write down your counting by 5s sequence... 5, 10, 15 

Can you count by 5s backwards?


Get active for 30 minutes today. Write or draw a picture showing what you did to stay active and be ready to share it when we return to school! 

I am planning to go for a walk in the woods! 

Mind Up/ Mindful Seeing/ Optional 

Watch the wordless picture book Flashlight.  Use your sense of sight to notice all of forest creatures.  

Make a list of all the forest creatures you spot when looking mindfully at the book.

Create your own story to go with the pictures. 

Click on the link below.


Monday, November 9, 2020

The Week of Nov. 2

 Upcoming Events

No School: Wednesday, Nov. 11 

Early Release Day @ 11:30- Friday, Nov. 20

Teacher Professional Development 

No School- Thanksgiving Break- Nov. 25-27

Hopes and Dreams: Class Promise

This week we revisited our Hopes and Dreams for the year. We had a class meeting focused on ways we can support each other each day so that we can achieve our Hopes and Dreams. As one students put it, "this is our school family and we need to be kind to each other." We have all signed our promise and hung it up for everyone to see! 

Math and Number Corner

This week in math we worked on  our number racks. Students worked to subitize collections on my number rack and write the number they saw. We learned a new station called Measure with Popsicle Sticks. Students practice estimation skills and measuring.  In number corner we are working on telling time on analog and digital clocks. Our calendar this month exposes students to the fractions half and fourth . 

Readers' Workshop/Fundations

The first and second graders are getting into a great rhythm and routine. This week, we worked on smoothing out our voices and rereading pages, lines and books for fluency. I worked with small groups of students to practice specific skills. In Fundations, we are finishing up our letter sound and handwriting review. Next week, we will begin work on CVC words and learn a new set of trick words. 

Writers' Workshop

In writing we read a new mentor text and continued work on being brave while writing. We are working on building up our independent writing stamina. This week, we worked for 9 minutes all on our own!

Habits of Mind

We learned about a new Habit of Mind this week! The first and second graders learned about managing their impulses... a very important habit in life! We watched a video, read a book and learned about the "stop light". Lastly, we ate Hershey's kisses and practiced managing our impulses! 

R.A.S Mind Up 

This week, we learned about the Reticular Activating System and our 5 senses. Students practiced zooming in on the important tasks they needed to focus on while identifying all of the distractions around them to help strengthen our Reticular Activating System. 

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Snow Fun

 Snow Fun at Recess

The sun was shining, the snow was sparkling and our students are so happy! Enjoying each and everyday with these amazing students! 

Monday, November 2, 2020

First Snow

First Snow
We enjoyed our first day playing in the snow! Looks like warmer weather will return later this week, but it looks like we are transitioning to winter weather in the coming weeks. Please pack boots, snow pants, mittens,  a hat, and a change of clothes for your child. Having all of these materials helps your child have a fun recess! 


Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Week of Oct. 26


Silly Faces!


Upcoming Events 

No School-Wednesday, Nov. 11

Early Release Day @ 11:30- Friday, Nov. 20

Teacher Professional Development 

No School- Thanksgiving Break- Nov. 25-27

Morning Meeting Share Time

We are really enjoying our Morning Meetings and the special shares the students are bringing in! We are working on telling lots of details about our shares,  learning to ask questions, and  give comments. Here is a snapshot of a special share from the week.


This week we reviewed letter names and sounds, practiced proper handwriting of lower case letters and created a fun "trick word" game called Pumpkin Boo! Students are learning to read and write "trick words" during our spelling time. We have a classroom word wall in our room that has all of the words we have learned so far. 

Readers' Workshop

The first and second graders worked on self selecting just right books, setting goals for their reading and logged into EPIC to read EVEN more!! I began working with students 1:1 this week for reading instruction. Ms. Marie is also working with students during our workshop time. 

Writers' Workshop

This week our focus was on procedures and habits of a good writer! We worked on a new strategy that helps us to plan and write our stories. We sang a fun chant that says, "touch, tell, sketch and write" and we worked on being brave when writing long words.  Students are building up their writing muscles by writing for longer periods of time each day. 


**Charger Update- The chargers that were sent home last week didn't fit some of the laptops. Ms. Epstein is working on ordering the matching chargers and they should be here soon. ***

The first and second graders did a great job working on their laptops from home on their remote day(s)!  This week we continued practicing logging in and shutting down independently. We also explored our email accounts. I sent a link to a new Bridges Math Station this week and the students really enjoyed playing this new game! 

Up Next- Learning Seesaw 

Seesaw for Parents!


In math, we worked on logging into our Dreambox accounts and learned to navigate the games. We are also using our number racks to solve addition and subtraction number stories. Each day, I write a story about a student in class. We finished up our October Number Corner activities with a fun pattern shape building activity. Students took shapes and created something new from them! Here are a few snapshots of their creations.